Since I can remember, my entire life has been dedicated to chasing beauty. Design, Art, Photography, Fashion, Furniture, Antiques, Finishes, Experiences, Journeys, and Relationships. My obsession with discovering and creating beauty has consumed my life since childhood.

While living in Austria and Italy, I pursued a Business Master degree and worked in the development business of high end residential homes for an international clientele. Inspired by the beauty of architecture and design during these years, ultimately led me to my next venture, which was launching my own design firm with studios in Austria and Palm Beach, while earning an additional degree in Interior Design.

Creating beautiful homes for people, allows me to chase even more beauty in so many ways – from laying our floor plans, selecting materials and finishes, designing custom built furniture, sourcing the ideal furnishings to finally adding finishing touches by selecting home décor items, sculpture and art. All this creative work is strongly defined by my heritage and the desire to create exceptional homes.

My family has always been the center of my life. My husband and I have 3 sons and just celebrated our 20th anniversary. As a family, we spend our time between Palm Beach, Austria, London and Geneva. We regularly travel the world, as there is always new beauty to discover and new inspirations to be found.

My obsession with chasing beauty will always be part of my life and I feel this is truly a blessing.

Join me in this creative process.


“The Essence of my Interior Design work

will always be the client

and how they live their lives”



For my Interior Design work the essence will always be the client and how they live their lives. Creating beautiful homes for families is truly a privilege and one of my greatest passions. More than ever, “coming home” is a very valuable experience in a world that is noisy, fast and sometimes frightening. For this reason, my work always complements the sense of harmony and balance, embracing the importance of a soft and sensual serenity. This experience is created by an affinity for craftsmanship, detail, and atmosphere introduced through fine materials, shapes, texture, light and a warm, subdued color palette found in furniture, surfaces, fabrics, texture, objects and accessories. A home is not just a place, but it is about capturing the right feeling for the space and the people whom I am designing for.


With my work, I not only desire to turn my client’s dreams into reality but take one step further and give them something beyond their expectations. Each project and space have their own identity, because of different locations and clients having their own personality, lifestyle, history and preferences.