Service(s) means provisioning of voice services, Internet access (including Shared Bandwidth and Dedicated lines), IP addressing, email, VPNs, firewalls, hosting, server collocation, hardware sales and all related support services, as provided.

2.1 Simplified Networks Services. Simplified shall provide the Services to Customer on the terms andconditions set forth in this Agreement and the Phone Purchase Agreement. Simplified‘s obligations under this Agreement are expressly conditioned upon Customer or Customer’s landlord granting
Simplified or its designated agents, contractors or representatives access to the building phone room and roof areas as necessary in Simplified‘ judgment to deliver the Services and to install and maintain equipment.

2.2 Required Equipment. Customer understands and agrees that the Service requires certain equipment provided by Customer such as a sip aware access device, personal computer, an Ethernet card and an appropriate operating system (the Customer Equipment), as well as certain equipment provided by Simplified such as the Software, an edge access device, an IP phone or media converter (the Simplified Equipment). Customer represents that it owns the Customer Equipment or otherwise has the right to use such equipment in connection with the Service.Access to Customer’s Premises. Customer authorizes Simplified and its employees,